Focus Groups Delaware

Cost Effective Options in Wilmington

Let us plan a day of fact finding before your next case.

Connect offers a full-service experience, allowing the team to focus on the content of the exercise while we execute a plan from start to finish.  Different from many hosted focus groups, we manage your planning, technology and assist in the Q&A, as well as hand deliver a group of jurors ready to give you feedback, without the additional cost of unnecessary consulting time, reports, and analysis when not needed by all teams. Real-time keypad feedback, charting, and survey responses are also part of our unique focus group environment.   

Hosting, Planning & Management

We combine our logistics expertise along with your trial expertise to create a modern, cost-effective solution to focus groups, allowing the teams to help develop content while being guided by project managers with years of trial planning and litigation experience.  To better help teams with a customized solution, we offer two different main options, depending on the goals of the exercise.  

Theme Development

Legal focus groups present the opportunity to preview the themes and evidence of a case in a compact single day or two-day presentation event. Generally, focus groups can be conducted at any time in the case and used to provide guidance on witnesses, testimony, documents and graphics, as well as assist in preparing for mediation and settlement discussions. During this process, focus is more on themes and presentations, and not live witness testimony. Videos of key witnesses and evidence may be shared, but the goal of legal focus groups is not to try to re-create a trial.  

Witness Preparation and Deliberations

Mock juries/trials, in comparison to our focus groups, are drafted with an actual trial environment in mind, with a plaintiff v. defendant plan of action. A recruited mock jury group is used to evaluate the testimony, deliberate and provide a group verdict for the team and/or clients. During the mock trial, live witnesses are presented and both sides of the case are offered with opening, testimony and closing argument.